Saturday, September 26, 2009


Now I know where to start from!

I have recently heard (well... actually, overheard, but never mind...) that a load of pipe-weed will be exported to the amazing kingdom of Darokin. Yes, Darokin! Beautiful, mighty, rich Darokin! Well, at least is what I have heard about it.

The wagons are supposed to leave The Shires in a couple of days, so I'll have little time to prepare myself.

Let me see: flute, food, appropriate clothing, pipe, extra pipe-weed, more food... uh, of course! Pocket handkerchief and walking stick! Never leave home without those!

Maybe I'll even have adventure enough during the trip so that I can start composing a song!


  1. Pipe weed... halfling's leaf! That stuff will cloud your mind my friend. You are a freaking addict. Folow my lead and JUST SAY NO!

  2. Kibe, your love for the halfling's leaf has clearly slowed your mind!

  3. See... more than 20 days whithout a post! The halfling's leaf clearly slowed your mind!

  4. :-( !

    Peregriadoc's silence is abnormal.
    I think he was caught doing something ilegal and was killed... or something worst ARRESTED!

    Maybe we should inform some of his old adventure partners. Perhaps they could organize some sort of rescue mission... quest... thing!